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Jonathan got off to a good start he was obviously seen as the quintessential stimulating candidate of change by many Nigerians. He was out to steam roll change and stamp out corruption, so we thought. He was voted into office on the wave of optimism and popularity that is now eroding with every rattling event, every passing setback coloured and unveiled with the increasing litany of catastrophes expanding the horizon of disdain and building a climate of divisive distrust. Is Goodluck Jonathan still a Pharaoh of change or a Pariah to change?

Can Jonathan resurrect himself; can he climb out of the cocoon of gloom and expanding gulf of violence threatening the stability of our country? Can the President save his political career from the precipitating furore that is increasingly eroding his authority? Ultimately can President Goodluck Jonathan do what is necessary to quarantine himself from PDP and pave way for an all-embracing credible reforms and reset the crucial agenda for before everything grinds to an absolute halt? Can he survive the unrelenting political and corporate pressure from all Nigerians following the systemic spate of unpalatable events that continue to hammer and chip away the security and safety of ordinary Nigerians?

This is not a comfortable position for any leader or president to be in, I hurt for him. And I am no doubt sorry for him on many levels. He was elected and sworn into office to the cheers of supporters and the jeers of opponents and people with diametrically opposed views and agenda. Jonathan emphasised the need to move forward expeditiously with Nigeria’s democracy, underscoring the complexities and the layers of complexities of governance.

In hindsight, it was also about using his political ability and his leadership skills as the fit and proper holder of the once powerful office of presidency now diminutive to harmonise the different political shades and undertones of opposition now scattered across the country.

Was Jonathan a sticking plaster over a gaping wound? Or did we set the bar of expectation too high for Goodluck Jonathan? Everyone seems to think Jonathan administration is a complete failure, which may well be left to the history and the future to judge. I believe, the latter is the question is equally important if we must be objective in our assessment of an administration that came into office at such a noble stage in our history.

I found myself genuinely torn by so many unanswered questions and the proliferative and proliferating debates around the leadership style of President Goodluck Jonathan, a ‘juvenile’ politician that rose to ranks in the years of PDP rule. He was undoubtedly the new kid on the block, a man with not very many political feathers to his credit. He was a new up and coming political force on the political arena. Goodluck Jonathan was a key voice in the argument for institutional revolution and change, but has he choked off the economic recovery, growth and developmental change he promised?